HIMYF, Season 2, Episode 8, “Rewardishment.”

I had such a blast working on How I Met Your Father, Season 2, Episode 8, “Rewardishment,” that I’m going to be adding some photos here and talking about the process of being the Hula-Hoop Stunt Double for the character of “Jesse,” played by the multitalented Christopher Lowell.

Here I am BEFORE getting into the wig that allowed me to look like Chris/Jesse.

“Is that a wig you’re wearing?” “Why yes, it is!” These first shots are from a rehearsal/run-through day on the lot. Everything gets tested for how it will function and look on the day of the shoot. I even had pants switched from this day’s wardrobe fitting (not the ones pictured here), to give me more tapered and form-fitting pants in order to facilitate the motions of the hula hoop that we would be working with on set. Why? Well, it has something to do with…

… Well, it has to do with what I do when I’m spinning the hoops. As you can see, they go just about everywhere. And even with only one being used on HIMYF, the savvy wardrobe department noted the motions, and they felt it would be easier for me to work with more form-fitting pants. They don’t miss a thing. They are all pros. But back to the hair:

Fabulous Katy McClintock, Head of the Hair Department on HIMYF, designed the wig that really transformed me into the “Jesse” character. I loved seeing what I looked like with brown hair, because I’d once told my mother that I was planning to dye my black hair a lighter shade of brown, and she was quick to comment: “Not while you’re living in this house!” (Dear Mom, how I miss you!) So, many many years later, I got my wish to have lighter hair. Thanks, Katy–and a shout-out to all the fabulous crafts departments on set that make us look our best, especially hair and makeup!

So, how similar did we end up looking, Chris/Jesse and Paul/Jesse? You be the judge. But I can tell you it was absolutely enough to help this “double” get in there to help realize the episode’s Vertical Lasso Catch and Release hula-hoop trick. And I loved every moment of it!

Here we are in our identical outfits, with the hoop that was used on set. (Congrats to the prop department, by the way, for the amusing collapsible one that has its moment in the episode. Wouldn’t that be handy?) We practiced for a time between the soundstages, and I can tell you that Chris is a natural talent with the hoops. I even taught him a new trick out there: Because he could already spin the hoop on his hand and arm, I said he could bring the hoop in and then bring his elbow in toward his arm to get the hoop rotating around the bent elbow–and he got it on the first try! So, he’s adept at comedy and drama, is a photographer with a keen eye, and he’s a hula-hooping natural. If he tells me he also sings and dances, I may need to hide under a rock for a little bit. See other related photos on the Acting and Hula-Hooping pages of this site.

And last, but never least:

At the end of the filming days, it was so sweet to see Cherie, and to get my final food/snacks/water… Crafts Service–yes, that’s how it’s styled for this show–is, obviously, indispensable on a set. And the people! Cherie, Leilani, Tom–and all your team–my deepest appreciation for what you do. Thank you!

Which brings me back to the top, where I said I had a blast working on this show. To everyone associated with HIMYF–so many departments, I’d have to list two pages of people from the call sheets–my admiration for you is great, and I give you all my most sincere thank yous! To those who got this going: Jeremy Roth for writing an episode of a TV comedy that revolves around a character’s past and present as a hula-hooper–with jokes and tricks aplenty–wow! Missy Alexander, UPM supreme, you found me–I’m so delighted you did! Jodi, Norvie, the team at FSE–always happy to be represented. To SAG-AFTRA, the union for actors working in film and television–thanks for the hard work on our behalf every single day. To all these and all those who aren’t mentioned here by name, I do appreciate your work, and I will always have fond memories of my time on How I Met Your Father.

And to my family and friends, for their ongoing support as I work toward the fulfillment of my dreams in the entertainment industry, my love and my thanks. Onward…until the next great development!

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