I picked up my first hoop when I was 7. A few years after that, I placed 5th in the World Championships! Yes, those competitions were very real– and really fun. After countless performances in stadiums, parks, and theaters large and small, I still love doing the tricks, getting some exercise, and teaching others how to have fun with hula hoops.

This trick is called “The Butterfly.” As with most tricks you’ll see me do, it took about three months to perfect this when I first started out. Practice, practice, practice. Now it’s one of my favorites, with a feeling of freedom and flight. Join me in the park for lessons and fun. Stay tuned for more info on my next session. When the rains end, if they ever do, we’ll be back in the park for some exercise that burns calories the fun way!


It’s hooping, spinning, flowing, twirling, rotating, circumnavegating. What else? It’s FUN!

Are we twins? Here I am with Christopher Lowell, who plays “Jesse” on the hit show How I Met Your Father, just outside the HIMYF soundstage. We had some quality rehearsal time with the hoop, and I can say that not only is he a fabulous actor, but he also has great spinning skills. Watch season 2, episode 8, “Rewardishment,” on HULU, and you will see for yourself! And you might spot my work as his hula-hoop stunt double–a total joy to help “Jesse” master the Vertical Lasso Catch and Release.

This closer shot mirrors one I have (and cherish) of myself with Fred Rogers, from one of the shows I did with him on his iconic, much-loved TV show, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. Thank you, Chris! This shot will now remind me of my great times on HIMYF and of the honor I had in getting to know the one-of-a-kind Fred Rogers.

This is my hula-hoops reel, with highlights of me doing some of my favorite tricks.

Directed by Frank Elmore in 3D. And if you don’t have the glasses, try the 2D version below.

This video was taken LIVE onstage at the Avalon in Hollywood, California.